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15th Sep 2021

20: Scaleup Marketing: maximise performance with Pete Van Neste, Head of Marketing @Pinpoint

Alice de Courcy, CMO @Cognism and Pete Van Neste, Head of Marketing @Pinpoint talk about all the tips and techniques when it comes to scaling your marketing team. Alice and Pete discuss how to reduce customer acquisition cost, building a strong marketing team, KPIs for account growth and reducing churn and more.

00:00 Intro 02:55 Maintaining rate of growth 05:52 Customer Acquisition Cost 07:03 How to reduce CAC 08:35 Should you split inbound and outbound? 11:32 Building a strong marketing team to reach revenue targets 13: 54 KPIs for account growth and reducing churn 16:59 Channel saturation 22:55 Gated vs. ungated content 25:40 How targeted should your content be? 27:54 How marketing can support sales 30:47 The role of a Marketing Development Representative 34:29 The career trajectory for an MDR 35:32 SDR and AE pairing and alignment 37:56 Compensation structure for marketing 41:32 Effective marketing team growth 45:14 In-house vs. outsourced marketing 47:17 Hiring remotely


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